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Torrefazione Mokaflor s.r.l.

Chiaroscuro offers:
  • A sales concept to those wanting to use it.
  • A blend made up of the best Arabic coffees in the world.
  • The possibility of creating your own blend with the help of our experience and assistance.
  • Personalisation and packaging with your logo.
  • Professional courses where you can learn the secrets of expresso coffee.


The best expresso
Chiaroscuro 100% Arabica- blend made up of the best and most highly prized Arabic plants from various parts of the world. The harmony of the typically vanilla taste of the Costarica Tournon, the chocolate taste of Guatemala Antigua, the vigorous body of the Brazilian Santos and the spicy aroma of the Ethiopian Sidarno.

80% Arabica; 20% Robusta. Delicate yet prominent blend which harmonises the fineness and aroma of Central American high plains Arabic coffees with the body of the Brasilian Santos and offers the velvety creaminess characteristic of the selected Indian Robusta.


Coffee and hazelnut

Coffee and chocolate

Cappuccino and chocolate

Coffee, cream and chocolate

Coffee and Caramel

Coffee, chocolate and hazelnut

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